Our Global Team

We rely on an international network of software developers, technology experts and implementing partners to support our platforms and keep them state-of-the-art. Our researchers are leading the way in privacy and security design for digital newcomers. Our workshop facilitators are teaching public sector organizations how to leverage the accelerating pace of change and the potential of exponential technologies.

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Elie Losleben


Elie Losleben has over two decades of experience working on tech and impact projects in Africa. She received her BA from The American University in Cairo and an MPH from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. She is a strategic lead on the Self Help Group Digital platform and the creator of the Rape Crisis Counseling app.


Nathaniel Calhoun


Nathaniel Calhoun uses digital development to help bring about a more equitable society and economy. With a background in international education, innovation and program design, Nathaniel helps build and maintain partnerships with organizations around the world. He is a key link between Code’s technologists and end users. Nathaniel advises and consults with governments, INGOs and corporations, with a special focus on the opportunities that exist for them around the edges of today’s economy.

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