Since 2007, we have leveraged the power of exponential technologies to bring high-impact interventions to scale across more than two dozen countries with a focus on equity and sub-Saharan Africa.


Our Mission

We advise international organizations, companies, UN agencies and non-profits on how to leverage the power of exponential technology in their work to make a lasting difference. We design and lead projects that digitize already successful interventions in the areas of poverty alleviation, education, gender and the environment. Working with partners, we take what already works and help it scale.

Our projects help people facilitate and create social and economic resiliency.
— Nathaniel Calhoun, New Zealand Herald

What We've Achieved

  • Digital Financial Services: We co-create the Self Help Group platform that seeds self-sustaining and self-replicating savings groups that lift themselves out of poverty and are scaling this open source innovation on four continents.
  • Education Systems Strengthening: We support and advise decision-makers in low-resource environments on how to use locally-driven innovations to improve service delivery and social outcomes.
  • Curricular and Instructional Design: We specialize in creating engaging, participatory and relevant curricular and instructional design.
  • Over a decade of experience designing and optimizing m-learning environments to work in challenging places.
  • Field Experience: We have over a decade of experience designing and leading projects in technology for education and resilient community design in Africa and the Middle East. 
  • Scaling Social Innovations: We work with partners to digitize existing high-impact interventions so that they can scale where they’re needed most. 
  • Designing for Resilience: We mobilize communities to work together to lift themselves out of poverty and transform resource-poor and challenging environments in the process.
  • We design and lead projects in technology for education, health, equity and resilient community design across Africa and the Middle East.