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We leverage exponential technologies to scale powerful grassroots programs that create systems change.

We help international organizations, companies, UN agencies and non-profits leverage the power of exponential technology in their work to make a lasting difference. With over 30 years of combined field work experience in Africa and the Middle East, we know how to listen for opportunity and build what matters.

Our Expertise

Code Innovation has over a decade of experience pioneering digital development in Africa.

We advise organizations on how to leverage exponential technology where it matters most. We work with diverse stakeholders scaling impact and innovation in vulnerable communities, with a focus on low-connectivity environments. In addition to our consulting and thought leadership, Code Innovation leads the largest digital platform for women’s savings groups in the world.


Technology augments inequality, so we urgently need to design differently in order to transform access and equity.


We use the Digital Development Principles and other frameworks to get specific on how technology can amplify positive outcomes.


Our stakeholders value the clarity, alignment and impact focus that we bring to their innovations programming.


Our seminars and workshops have guided foundations and family corporations as they navigate how to remain relevant in the future.


“When money flows to women who have the authority to use it, everything changes.”


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Our Story

Our roots in the international development innovations ecosystem started at UNICEF involve work in more than two dozen low-income countries. We have managed pan-African tech projects with UN agencies, advised African government ministries on exponential technologies, and workshopped disruptive new trends with multinational corporations. When they are not working from Nairobi, Kenya, our two co-founders are also expert faculty at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, USA.

SOME OF OUR funders

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